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Lift Integral Lift Integral Night Cream Set


Lift Integral Lift Integral Night Cream Set

Regenerates – Nourishes – Smoothes wrinkles

This set contains :

- the Regenerating Night Cream 50ml
- the Firming Day Cream 15ml OFFERED
- the Tightening Serum 10ml OFFERED


Thanks to the StructureLift complex, Lift Integral product's strengthens the skin's structure by acting on its essential elements (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid), but also on the glycoproteins that connect them. The skin regains its firmness, elasticity and bounce, for a complete lifting effect.

The unctuous and ultra-enveloping texture of the Regenerating Night Cream intensely nourishes the skin without an oily finish.

The silky, ultra-melting texture of the Firming Day Cream intensely moisturizes, while providing comfort and freshness to the skin.

The milky texture of the Tightening Serum envelops the skin for a real velvet finish.


Formulated with at least 97% of natural-origin ingredients.


For the first time, LIERAC Research decodes the ultimate secret of the structure of the skin. The skin needs collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, but not only. At the heart of the new Lift Integral, the StructureLift complex acts on these 3 essential elements, but also on the glycoproteins. Capable of connecting these elements together, they restore the structure of the skin.

Rose RNA stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and its associated glycoprotein, fibronectin. This 100% natural ingredient comes from the Grasse rose, grown without pesticides.

Black Tulip stimulates the natural synthesis of elastin and its associated glycoprotein, fibrillin. Resulting from 7 years of research, and patented by Lierac, this Black Tulip extract is 100% natural and comes from Holland.

The Hyaluronic Acid of natural origin intensely plumps up the skin.

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Night Cream :

+16% facial toning*
+30% smoothness**

*Dermatological test carried out on 25 women. Applied twice a day for 3 months.

Day Cream :

-10% reduction in wrinkle volume within 15 minutes of application**.
-24% reduction in wrinkle volume after 28 days**

**Instrumental measurement on 30 women. Applied once a day.


Serum :

+45% firming effect***
+48% tightening effect***
-30% less wrinkle visibility***

***Dermatological test carried out on 30 women.


Night Cream : Apply in the evening to the face and neck.

Day Cream : Apply in the morning to the face and neck.

Serum : Apply morning and evening on the face and neck before the cream.

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