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Lift Integral Remodelling Lift Cream

Lift Integral Remodelling Lift Cream

Normal to dry skin
50 ml

The daily lift-injection effect

Based on combined lifting + injection aesthetic techniques, this day cream combines a core of lifting active ingredients [mahogany extract + purple tulip extract] with anti-ageing Hyalu-3 concentrate and is enriched with Candolle flower oil with moisturising properties. An active, elastic cream texture containing a unique combination of 2 natural biopolymers that form a dynamic tightening film.


Active ingredients from the best of science and nature


Mahogany extract
Tightens sagging areas by reactivating the synthesis of collagen XVIII, a guardian involved in the sheathing of all skin interfaces.

Purple tulip extract
Fills in hollow areas by increasing the synthesis of the 30 fundamental proteins of the ECM, which play a major role in the constitution, quality and structuring of the ECM.


Hyalu-3 Concentrate
Anti-ageing (smoothing - plumping - filling)


Candolle flower oil

+ Wykaz składników INCI

Proven effectiveness

Revitalises the oval of the face, restores volume and corrects sagging wrinkles.

After 1 month, the face looks reshaped 71%*.

*Clinical study on 22 volunteers - % satisfied

Advice for use

Apply to the face in the morning, avoiding the eye contour area.

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