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Sunissime BB Protective Fluid SPF50+


Sunissime BB Protective Fluid SPF50+

Protects – Hydrates – Enhances
Global Anti-Aging (Golden)
40 ml


The global anti-ageing BB fluid that energizes the skin and provides an instant healthy glow. Thanks to Global Protect Energy technology, this protective tinted fluid offers ultra-broad spectrum sun protection (UVA, UVB, visible light, infrared); not to mention pro-taurine which transforms free radicals into energy for the skin.

Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps up skin that can be dried out by the sun, while a tan-activating peptide helps to provide a radiant, even tan, without blemishes and without repeated exposure.

This fluid, with its delicious fragrance of frosted bergamot, jasmine and coconut water, blends into the skin and infuses it with a veil of golden pigments, so light that it blends with all skin tones.

Imperfections fade away, the complexion is unified and beautifully satin-like.


Full spectrum protection [UVA, UVB, Infrared and Visible light].
Patented filtering system (UVA/UVB) + plant flavonoids (IR) + fractionated melanin (LV): protects the skin from the visible signs of photo-aging: wrinkles, loss of firmness and spots.

Pro taurine
Captures free radicals due to UV rays and transforms them into taurine: the skin's barrier is strengthened*, cell renewal stimulated*, cell hydration activated*: better quality skin, hydrated, fortified, as if energised.

Complementary active ingredients
Hyaluronic acid: For smooth, plump and intensely rehydrated skin. Tanning Activator Peptide: Regulates pigmentation for a faster, spot-free tan.

*In vitro tests
+ Wykaz składników INCI


The complexion is even: 95%(1)
Healthy glow effect, with no greasy or sticky finish: 95%(2)


After 14 days
The skin feels re-energized: 90%(2)


After 28 days
The skin does not show any new blemishes: 100%(2)
Fine lines are smoothed: 85%(2)
Skin remains firm: 85%(2)

(1) Clinical study on 20 volunteers - single application of GLOBAL ANTI-AGEING PROTECTIVE BB FLUID SPF 50+ -% satisfaction.
(2) Clinical study on 20 volunteers for 28 days - twice-daily application of GLOBAL ANTI-AGEING PROTECTIVE BB FLUID SPF 30 -% satisfaction.


Before exposure, apply in addition to your day care to the whole face and neckline.

It does not leave any traces or marks.

Reapply every two hours in case of direct exposure. Do not stay too long in the sun. Do not expose babies and young children to the sun.

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